Watch this reverse car chase through downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for its car chases, with hundreds per year, but on Monday night, the LAPD wasn't expecting this bizarre variation. The driver at one point decided to evade the police in reverse.

Fox11 out of Los Angeles caught the action by helicopter. The chase started around 6 p.m. Monday, after police received a call about a car theft suspect. The driver sped through downtown L.A., narrowly missing parked cars and taking to the wrong side of the road.

At one point, police thought they had the driver cornered in a dead end. That's when he put the truck in reverse and maneuvered past LAPD officers, threading the needle between cruisers, according to Yahoo! News.

The driver backed and swerved through police cars and other vehicles at speeds over 30 mph, eventually spinning around in the right direction and hitting some parked cars, then bailing from the truck and running through a housing complex.


After a few minutes, a suspect surrendered to police. The chase left some property damage, but no one was hurt.

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