Watch A Stolen Dodge Hellcat Get Ambushed By Police

And they do it in rainy conditions.

We present to you a pretty interesting, albeit short, police chase mostly because law enforcement in this situation tried using a bunch of pussy cats to try catching a tiger. Few police vehicles out there can hold a candle to a Dodge Charger Hellcat and its incredible power. As we’ve seen before, these four-door muscle cars can hit ridiculous speeds in little time and put serious distance between them and pursuing cops.

Watch cops use a Stop Stick on a fleeing Dodge Hellcat here.

In this situation, Arkansas State Police have obviously set a trap with a marked patrol vehicle following the stolen Hellcat and several unmarked vehicles move into position to cut off any escape. At least that seems to be the plan, but as you’ll see in the video, things don’t turn out so well.


If you know you’re driving a stolen car and there’s a cop waiting to turn left behind you at a light, the smart thing to do is make an immediate right into a parking lot. That’s exactly what this suspect does. Then he pulls up to one of the tubes at a bank’s drive through. Realizing he’s been made, the trooper in the marked vehicle turns on his lights.

And that’s when the chase begins. Troopers in unmarked pickups try to jump into the mix. One pursues as the suspect boldly powers the Hellcat over a grassy island in the parking lot (with how low those cars ride, that’s a risky move). The other trooper in an unmarked truck tries pulling in front of the Hellcat as it races toward the road. The only thing that does is cause a traffic jam the officer in the marked vehicle has to swerve around.

Really, ASP should’ve used one of its Scat Packs for this operation, although the plan was obviously to bottle up the Hellcat and not let it use speed against them. The only problem is they forgot in the right hands, the Mopar has superior handling, so it could easily outmaneuver them.

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