Watch Thieves Break Into A Residential Garage Housing A C7 Corvette

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Watch Thieves Break Into A Residential Garage Housing A C7 Corvette
Watch Thieves Break Into A Residential Garage Housing A C7 Corvette

Police in Jacksonville, Arkansas are asking the public for help identifying some thieves for breaking and entering a residential garage. Surveillance footage of the incident, which the timestamp on the video says happened on August 24 (that’s assuming the timestamp is correct), shows the three thieves going through a C7 Corvette and a Chevy Tahoe parked in the garage.

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The clip is short at just 35 seconds and Jacksonville Police Department provided zero additional details, simply asking for people to call if they have information.

We’ve known quite a few people who think once their car is inside their garage with the door down, they don’t need to lock the doors. In fact, some of these people think we’re silly or paranoid for always locking our car doors, even during the day when we’re home. But it’s videos like this which prove it’s the smart thing to do, especially at night.


When you lock your car, you’re not just making it harder to get inside. You’re also activating different security systems which might sit dormant with the doors unlocked. Those can include the alarm which when triggered inside a small space like your garage will cause such a racket you won’t sleep through it.

This incident also is a great reminder to get a Faraday cage to place your car keys inside when you’re home, especially at night. You can find these devices or even make one yourself after doing some research. The effort is worth it since your keys won’t transmit their signal and thieves can’t capture and boost it to unlock and even start your car.

It looks like in this video the thieves just got inside the vehicles but couldn’t start and drive away in them. That means they likely just found the doors left unlocked, choosing to rifle through the interiors for anything valuable. You can see one holding a purse up to block his face from the surveillance camera, so we’re assuming that isn’t his but instead was taken from the Tahoe.

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