Watch this U-Haul truck wreck a parking garage

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If you're like us, you keep your distance from U-Haul trucks. The odds are simply too low that a weekend warrior, who has rented the truck to move his household, knows the first thing about driving a truck. You know, the finer points like taking note of height-restriction signs.

This video making the rounds sure confirms our admitted bias. We can't tell you much about where it's from, how much damage was incurred, etc. — the only thing we can be sure of is that the truck renter is probably not going to get his deposit back. And if the truck was in the parking garage of the new apartment the driver was moving into, he or she is off to a bad start with the landlord. But let's not get bogged down in details. Just sit back and enjoy.

We particularly like the part where, 50 seconds in, the truck ruptures what has to be a sewer line, causing the passenger to jump back into the cab. Fortunately, the broken water lines later on do a nice job of washing away that particular sin.

You've got to give the driver credit: He's persistent.

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