Watch The World’s Biggest Paper Airplane Soar Through The Sky With Beauty And Grace

Screenshot: Ross Smith via YouTube
Screenshot: Ross Smith via YouTube

Paper airplanes are wonderful. Few things made a boring middle school math class go by like crafting the perfect paper bird and hurling it at the head of your best buddy across the room. I always found there was one problem with paper airplanes: they’re just two damn small. Well, it seems someone else thought the same thing I did and decided to make what they claim is the world’s biggest paper airplane, and we thank them for their service.

YouTuber Ross Smith, whose channel seems like a real nightmare, did one good thing and decided to, as he screams at the beginning of the 47-second video, “throw the world’s biggest paper airplane off of this cliff.” Now, I don’t know if this is actually the world’s biggest paper airplane. It doesn’t seem official or anything, but I am inclined to believe anything that is yelled at me.

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