Watch New Yorkers Free a Jeep Wrangler Stuck in a Manhole

jeep rescue viral video new york city
New Yorkers Free Jeep Wrangler Stuck in ManholeJoshua P Hill / Twitter

New York is America's least car-friendly major city, and that's when the roads are intact. Things get worse when someone leaves a manhole cover exposed for an unsuspecting Jeep to fall into like a trap in the woods. Fortunately for the Jeep owner caught out in a video shared on social media on Sunday, New Yorkers are more than willing to solve a crisis of this scale on their own.

The video picks up with the Jeep already stuck in the manhole cover, angry-eyed headlights glaring down in frustration at the world. The first on-looker asks the driver if he's tried to put the truck in all-wheel drive, but the real progress starts with a second pedestrian shows up. Those two spectators start to form a plan to push the car while the driver looks for a way to get his Jeep, which has "cr4wler" written on the hood, into four-wheel drive.


As he works that out, our heroes assemble. Eight onlookers surround the truck, pushing with what looks to be a wide variety of levels of helpfulness. One big push and a well-timed jab on the throttle get the car out of trouble, nobody falls in the manhole cover, and a perfectly-timed pan to a sidewalk full of 0nlookers reveals that everyone else on the street is amazed by what they have just seen.

Everyone involved can go about their days feeling better about their contribution to a fellow citizen in need, but, more importantly, they learn a key lesson: Do not drive your car into an open manhole.

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