Wedding baker reveals cake illusion that saves couples a ton of money: ‘Could you tell?’

A wedding cake baker has just revealed a hack that #WeddingTok is calling brilliant — and leaving some viewers feeling a little cheated.

@IMakeWeddingCakes recently gained more than 15 million views and 1.8 million likes when it uploaded footage of a money-saving trick that couples on a budget will appreciate.

Anyone planning a wedding knows how quickly things can go sideways — as in the case of this bride whose hot mic caught her making an embarrassingly “crass” joke to the groom — which is why @IMakeWeddingCakes‘ trick is so brilliant: It takes enormous pressure off the ceremonial wedding cake (and puts much-needed money back in couples’ pockets).

In the viral video — captioned “Could you tell?” — @IMakeWeddingCakes demonstrates how couples can save money on their ceremonial cake — while still delivering on the “wow” factor for guests.


While the baker’s cake appears to be an elaborate seven-tier cake, it’s actually all an illusion — a very convincing one.

With this trick, couples would still be able to slice into an ornate cake for the ceremonial cutting — but they would serve their guests from a much cheaper sheet cake.

In a follow-up video, @IMakeWeddingCakes gives viewers a closer look at its process, this time with a fondant-covered, one-tier cake.

Some were stumped by the functionality of the cake. “How do they know where to cut it?” one user asked.

“It’s marked!” the bakery replied.

‘Imagine cutting the wrong spot’

TikTokers were stunned by the baker’s clever money-saving trick.

“2k cakes made at $30. Amazing,” one user wrote.

Others shared their own experience with illusionary wedding cakes.

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