What's A Car From The 2000s Worthy Of Keeping As A Classic?

Photo: Chrysler
Photo: Chrysler

We are rapidly approaching a time when cars built in the year 2000 can be considered classics. Incidentally, if you can remember the year 2000, you are also likely to be considered a classic. Just take a second and let that sink in.

Yeah, it’s not a good feeling. You know what always turns my old lady frown upside down? Fantasizing about the cars I’d like to own while also mildly judging them. Back in the day, when our jeans were low-rise and our dreams were rising higher, we all made fun of the PT Cruiser. I even broke up with a guy because his nickname for his PT Cruiser — Quicksilver — was so painfully nerdy. The vanity license plate did not help.

But now I look at this car and think, there is a memorable piece of turn-of-the-century technology. It’s cute in the way stupid-looking things are cute, like pugs or the goth-girl mullet. More importantly, the PT Cruiser is a moment in time, forever crystalized in car form. It belongs in a museum, but I’d gladly also make room for it in my garage. Look out Woodward Dream Cruise, there’s another kid on the scene ready to out run all of your Bel Airs!

What about you? Maybe the adorable Honda S2000 calls your name, or an Audi TT (remember those?) Let me know in the comments below.

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