What's The Next Thing You Want To Cross Off Your Automotive Bucket List?

Photo: Mirco Lazzari gp (Getty Images)
Photo: Mirco Lazzari gp (Getty Images)

Every enthusiast has a list of automotive feats they’d like to do or see or drive before they shuffle off this mortal coil. But, whether those tasks are massive in scale or small and simple, there’s one thing they all share: They can’t be done simultaneously.

Sometimes, you have to prioritize. Pick the things that are more achievable, more affordable, or that have deadlines coming up sooner than the rest. So, today, we’re not just asking what’s on your bucket list — we’re asking for the next thing you’re going to cross off.

I managed to knock one item off my list last week, after taking my motorcycle into the triple digits on the front straight of New Jersey Motorsport Park (keep your eyes peeled for a few posts there.) I discovered after the fact that my tires are only rated up to 99 miles per hour, making my Vmax of 105 perhaps inadvisable, but I didn’t die. Or, I did, and the afterlife is very boring. Either way, I finally did the ton.


That track experience, though, only left me with more new items to cross off the list. Next, I’m hoping for some dry weather so I can finally master the gold standard of cornering lean: Dragging a knee. It’s a hard skill to master on a tall, top-heavy adventure bike wearing $100 dual-sport tires, but it’s one I’d like to learn. It’s just nice to say you’ve pulled it off.

Dragging a knee is the next thing I’d like to cross off my automotive bucket list, but what’s first on yours? Do you have a supercar rental in your near future, or an HPDE booked for your first track experience? Leave your answer below, and we’ll pick out our favorites later in the week.

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