What's The One Car Every American Can Agree On?

Image: Ford Motor Company
Image: Ford Motor Company

We asked this question back in 2019, and oh, how jaded and divided we felt back then. Little did we know just how much our national unity would be run through the ringer in the proceeding five years and especially over the last week.

But while discord may generate buzz, I’d like to strike a rare conciliatory note on Jalopnik today. What’s a car we can all come together and admire? Or even universally loathe? It doesn’t have to be positive vehicle, just a unifying one. It’s hard to say there’s a car that every American hates that is uniting, but I think the Ford Pinto being the butt of jokes for the last 50 years could make the cut.

My vote, as the best selling vehicle for nearly the last five decades, is the Ford F-150. From parking lot princesses to actual hard working truck owners, no vehicle has the versatility and widespread appeal quite like the F-150. It’s American as apple pie, both hard working and a vehicle you can haul your family around in. And what’s more American than that?


I’ve also argued in the past that the El Camino is the most American vehicle ever, so maybe I was right the first time. Nothing puts the us in the U.S. like a vehicle that is business in the front and party in the back.

Let me know below.

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