What's the Ugliest Porsche Ever Made?

Image:  Porsche
Image: Porsche

A few weeks back, I asked you all what the ugliest car ever to wear the Prancing Horse badge was. Today, we’ll turn our attention to the worst-looking creations of another celebrated brand: Porsche. What’s the ugliest Porsche, in your opinion?

My nomination isn’t a hot take or anything, but I also think that’s kind of a testament to the brand’s design consistency. Stuttgart doesn’t always hit it out of the park, but complete misses are rare too. Looking back I think that’s why the launch of the first-gen Panamera was so shocking, because it was the first time I’d observed an unmitigated dud from the brand in my lifetime. Just completely, irredeemably terrible.

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Sure, plenty of people will single out the Cayenne, but let’s be real: designing a full-on SUV — at a time when SUVs were boxy and utilitarian — with 996-era swoopiness baked in is a damn near impossible task, even for the world’s greatest designers. Also, I never thought the Cayenne was all that bad. Sure, it was strange, but it was also undeniably Porsche. Distinctive and a little forward-thinking, even if it the front end didn’t entirely stick the landing. You’d never mistake it for anything else, and I think that was the goal. Looked absolutely class when you were following it, too.