What's the Weirdest Car on Sale Right Now?

Photo:  Hyundai
Photo: Hyundai

You already know this, but we here at Jalopnik love a weird car – something that goes off the beaten path. Something that makes you pause for a second and say, “huh?” when you see it. Cars – to me at least – are all about character, and there are few better character traits than being weird. Is that my opinion? Maybe, but as this is my story, I’m somewhat entitled to give it.

Anyway, this brings us to today’s question — we want to know what you think is the weirdest car on sale today. Now, I promise you don’t have to over-analyze this. “Weird” can mean just about anything you want. Maybe the vehicle looks weird. Perhaps it drives weird. It could possibly have one really weird feature that just turns you right off.

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Basically, what I’m saying is the world is your oyster. You can throw anything down below, and if you give me a good enough reason, I’ll include it in the resulting answer post to come.

I suppose it’s only fair that I give you all an example of a weird vehicle on sale today. If you had to ask me, it’s the one-and-only Hyundai Santa Cruz. I love this little trucklet, but it is undeniably weird. Just to start, forget about the back half of it. Up front it’s based on the Hyundai Tucson. I happen to really like the way the Tucson looks, but it is undeniably a bit strange. Then we get to the really good stuff – the back half, the party to this Hyundai mullet. Hyundai clearly saw what Honda did with the Ridgeline and thought to itself, “what if we did that, but a bit smaller and a lot weirder. It’s a car. It’s a truck. It’s a crossover. It’s all sorts of weirdness. I love it. All cars should be like this.

Just remember, weird doesn’t mean bad. Weird can be very good! So with that, hows about you drop down below and share with us your thoughts on the weirdest vehicle on sale today. Remember: tell us why you feel this way. It’s more fun for everybody.

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