What's The Worst Experience You Had As A Passenger?

Cropped shot of man using smartphone whilst driving
Cropped shot of man using smartphone whilst driving

Sadly, we can’t drive ourselves all the time. You’re heading out to an event, alcohol will definitely be present and you’re going to drown yourself in beverages. Being a responsible adult, you ask a friend to be a designated driver, call for a taxi or get a ride on a rideshare app. However, the drive itself isn’t always pleasantly uneventful.

Today, I want to know the worst experience you’ve ever had as a passenger. Did the vehicle smell like an animal’s corpse was decaying under one of the seats? Was the car’s engine making a sound like a bunch of wrenches rattling inside a metal bucket? Did you spend the entire drive fearing the person behind the wheel didn’t know what side of the double-yellow line to be on?

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