Wheel Murder Committed By Bugatti Veyron

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Is this cringe-inducing or hilarious?

Instagram user heinrichs_carlife posted a video on October 8 which is either making people cringe or laugh with delight. We’ll call this a litmus test for how much you love or hate supercars and hypercars. In the video, a Bugatti Veyron scratches the wheel on a Lamborghini Aventador and the result isn’t exactly pretty.

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You’ll see in the video which we’re embedding in this article, it starts outside of what might a restaurant, hotel, or something of the like. Someone reversing the Bugatti Veyron into the spot next to the Lamborghini Aventador doesn’t realize they’re not at the right angle, bringing the driver’s-side rear fender into contact with the Italian-German’s passenger-side rear wheel.

As the wheel murder is being committed, a guy outside the French hypercar tries to get the attention of the driver, knocking on the side of the car, and drying to open the door. Maybe he was going to throw the guy out of the Veyron GTA-style? That would’ve made for an even better video.

Rearward visibility in the Bugatti can’t be great, thanks to the rear fairings and tiny back window. Since we haven’t driven one we don’t know if there are sensors so you know if you’re reversing a little too close to obstacles. If so, this guy didn’t use them. He might be a valet or it might be the owner, but it’s more likely the former. He probably didn’t get a tip.

The Aventador’s wheel is scuffed up pretty badly in a few different spots. If it can be repaired it’s going to be more expensive than a lot of people’s cars. As for the Veyron, it has some nice paint damage on the rear fender, so that will probably cost $243,000 to repair, or thereabouts. In other words, this low-speed collision was more costly to the insurance companies than a normal 10-car pileup. Think about that for a second.

Now check out the video for yourself and see if you cringe or laugh.

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