Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer Reveals Stolen Classic Still Missing

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The update isn't a good one.

TV personality Mike Brewer, known for his significant role on ‘Wheeler Dealers’, has shared disheartening news concerning the stolen MK1 Ford Fiesta he co-owns with Marc Priestley, his fellow star. The vintage car, cherished by the duo, was stolen in June, leaving them, along with their fans, in dismay.

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The particular model held immense significance, symbolizing Ford's inaugural endeavor into the domain of front-wheel-drive vehicles in the 1970s. The loss has struck a chord with many, as Mike had planned to feature this classic at various car shows, highlighting its uniqueness and meticulously restored beauty.


Mike Brewer turned to Twitter to relay the unfortunate update, responding to inquiries from concerned fans about the car’s whereabouts. He informed his 148,000 followers that, sadly, the search for the classic model continues as it remains missing. The news stirred sentiments among fans, with many expressing their distress and speculating that the precious car might have been disassembled and sold off in parts by now.

The TV stars had intended to exhibit the car at The Motorist festival, and its disappearance was a substantial blow to their plans. The distraught stars made public pleas for help, urging fans and the public to assist in any way possible to locate and retrieve the iconic car.

Mike and Marc's commitment and affection for the 1979 MK1 Ford Fiesta 1300S were palpable. The car had undergone extensive restoration, with Mike proudly stating it possibly being the best Mk1 Ford Fiesta in the country. The car was meticulously restored to be shared with the world, embodying Ford's innovative spirit from the 1970s, only to be whisked away under the shroud of night in West Yorkshire.

Mike's deep emotional connection with his cars is no secret. In his show, where vintage cars are restored and sold, he’s been known to exhibit his emotions openly. He once shared an incident about a car owner named Mark, who was experiencing a debilitating illness with no cure. The opportunity to help Mark enjoy his last moments with his son left Mike profoundly moved, leading to one of the many emotional instances shared with his audience.

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