‘Whoever ordered this should be shamed’: TikToker reacts after picking up the wrong Chipotle order

Takeout orders can be a very personal thing — especially if you’re particular about what you eat.

But even if you’re not, getting the wrong order delivered to your door is a major bummer because, nine times out of 10, it’s not even close to what you wanted.

Maddie “Mc G” (@im.beet) recently had this happen to her after ordering a meal from Chipotle at the drive-thru. After pulling over and opening up her burrito bowl, she was stunned to find what was inside. Or, rather, what wasn’t inside.

Staring back at her was a bowl full of white rice, cheese and corn. There may even be some sour cream in there somewhere, but it’s hard to say, judging by her video.


“So I think I got the wrong one but whoever ordered this should be shamed,” the video text reads.

Plenty of TikTokers were equally baffled.

“no way ppl spend 15 dollars on cheese rice and sour cream,” one person wrote.

“Sounds like a dip type of situation where the chips,” another asked.

“There’s some messed up people out there,” someone else mused.

But believe it or not, the vast majority of comments actually came from people who took one look at that cheesy rice bowl and thought, “DELISH.”

“looks good tbh lmaooo,” one person admitted.

“That looks amazing,” another chimed in.

“My dream bowl fr,” said another.

Others didn’t understand the big deal and said that this is what they order on the reg.

“this is my order, at least I can eat chipotle and not get the runs,” one person said defensively.

“ive only gotten bowls of rice from chipotle for the past 7 years and it’s like 2 dollars,” another user shared.

Even people who hadn’t tried a rice-and-cheese bowl before were kind of intrigued by its possibilities.

“i understand the vision,” one person commented.

But several others said they had a hunch what happened here.

“Probably a kids [order],” one person assumed, alluding to the fact that kids are, after all, super picky about what they eat.

It wasn’t long before someone else confirmed their suspicions.


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