Why ‘32 Fords Are The Quintessential Hot Rod

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A very special Verde 32 helps illustrate this principle…

You don’t have to be a complete gearhead to realize the 1932 Ford is the quintessential hot rod. Sure, there are hot rods made out of other cars, both from Ford and other automakers, but the vast majority out there are Deuces, either in coupe or roadster form. Plenty of people have asked why this is and for good reason.

The big hot rod revolution was started by GIs as they returned home at the close of WWII. Sure, there were examples made before, but the big groundswell in the hobby came as young men landed stateside with a bunch of cash along with the need to build things which looked cool and went fast. As their parents and others dumped their old cars they had to hobble through the war since private vehicle production ground to a halt, these single men saw opportunity.

Like the chopper movement, hot rodding was all about taking something that was a good ride and making it better all around. Transforming the old family car into a racer with all kinds of wild styling to turn the heads of pretty girls on Main Street as well as bait other young guys into racing grew into a culture featured in American Graffiti.

Now the question of why the ’32 Ford was so popular and continues to be today. For starters, after the war they were in high supply so many young guys with a need for speed could get their hands on one. They were also cheap, a critical element so there was plenty of money leftover for adding go-fast parts. Today, you can buy Ford Deuce bodies to build your hot rod, helping to continue fueling that popularity.