This Is Why You Check Your Tires Before Running From Police

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This Is Why You Check Your Tires Before Running From Police
This Is Why You Check Your Tires Before Running From Police

Running from police is a stupid choice, but what’s even dumber is doing it in Arkansas. Even dumber than that is running from Arkansas State Police with worn/underinflated tires and bad driving skills. That’s what appears to have happened with this suspect in an Infiniti with expired paper temporary tags and the poor car paid the price.

Watch a Maserati get absolutely trashed by police here.

We’re glad Texas has moved to ban paper tags, something which has been a problem in many other states for a long time. They’re too easy to fake, with some criminals selling fake temp tags they print out at home. And they’re often used by people who are up to no good.

But the person who owns or at least has in their possession this Infiniti couldn’t be bothered to get new tags, legit or fake ones. You can see the trooper noticed the expiration date had passed and locked on to make a simple traffic stop.


In a matter of seconds, this suspect multiplied the problems, adding in at least one felony and other serious charges. She hopefully is thinking about her life decisions and how she needs to make better ones.

Most people are bad at running from police, which is partly why we tell everyone to not do it. Your driver’s ed class or your mommy teaching you to keep your hands at 10 and 2 didn’t prepare you for the reality of a high-speed pursuit.

Also, most people don’t maintain their car properly, especially for it to be pushed to its limits. Tires that are 10 psi below the recommended inflation with uneven tread, worn brakes, low fluids, damaged suspension components – all these things can mean the difference between sticking a high-speed turn or wrapping your vehicle around a tree.

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