This Is Why Cops Can’t Catch Hellcats

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This Is Why Cops Can’t Catch Hellcats
This Is Why Cops Can’t Catch Hellcats

Known for ruthlessly chasing down fleeing suspects and pitting them at high speeds, most people don’t like messing with Arkansas State Police. However, even they can’t handle a competent driver behind the wheel of a Dodge Hellcat.

Who’s at fault in this Dodge Hellcat crash?

As you can see in the accompanying dashcam footage, a trooper recently tried pulling an all-black Dodge Charger Hellcat over after catching it speeding. The trooper also noted the Mopar muscle car had a plate cover. That should’ve indicated the suspect had zero intention of pulling over.

Still, the trooper puts in a good effort, switching on his lights and sirens, then watching the Hellcat pull away like he’s standing still. Even pushing his cruiser past 130 mph in an attempt to catch the little kitty, the Arkansas cop stands zero chance.

While the trooper over the radio blames his failure on the traffic, the reality is his vehicle is to blame. Few and far between are the cop cars which can keep up with a Hellcat at WOT. His most definitely isn’t one of them.