NHRA: Why Leah Stewart Racing Is Really Just An Inside Joke At Tony Stewart Racing

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NHRA: Is It Leah Stewart Racing... or Still TSR?Icon Sportswire - Getty Images

Anyone walking past Tony Stewart Racing’s NHRA pit might have done a double take if they caught sight of an LSR T-shirt or an LSR sticker on the team’s race trailer.

Leah Pruett says there’s no reason to panic, there’s not been a change in ownership. Leah Stewart Racing, or LSR, is actually an inside joke that resulted from some friendly wagering within the team after the 2023 season finale at Pomona, Calif. It’s the TSR logo, but it has an “L” on it.

“We were celebrating the 2023 season on Sunday night (after the final event) as most teams do, having some cocktails. It’s like midnight,” Pruett recounted. “I have a large practice tree in my lounge. My lounge comfortably holds four. We probably had 14 in there, and we were having what we called Practice Tree Nationals, everyone competing against each other.


“However, the night escalated, money starts getting thrown down. So, we needed to up the ante and somehow, it got to the naming rights of the team. And on that night, Tony lost the naming rights to Leah Stewart Racing. We have it written down (with) a Sharpie on the table, the contract, everything.”

After that night, the team moved on, celebrated the season at the NHRA awards banquet, and never gave the Practice Tree Nationals another thought. Well, at least not until Pruett’s team began asking, “When are we going to see Leah Stewart Racing?” Finally, Pruett relinquished and told them to make some decals. The decals were put on the trailer and then her team decided it wanted merchandise.

“Now, I have merchandise being made,” Pruett said with a laugh. “There have been some remarks online, ‘Does she own the team now?’ No, I’m an acting partner.”

However. Pruett does plan on reclaiming her Top Fuel seat now being occupied by her husband sometime after 2025.