The Wienermobile Has Been Renamed

oscar mayer wienermoblie 75th birthday celebration
The Wienermobile Has Been Renamed "Frankmobile"John Lamparski - Getty Images

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is an automotive icon for one simple reason: it is a car shaped like a hot dog. While that grand tradition in branding will hopefully continue into a second century, the Wienermobile branding itself will not see the 2030s. As the brand announced yesterday, the entire fleet of sausage-shaped shuttles have been rechristened "Frankmobiles."

The cars themselves will stay the same, right down to the G-Wagen front wheel bearings and, in one case, recently-replaced catalytic converter. Only the name is changing, part of a promotional strategy to push what Oscar Mayer calls a "tasty new recipe," but the press release makes no mention of whether the first-ever name change for the hot dog car is permanent or temporary. Crew members previously called "Hotdoggers" have been rebranded as "Frankfurters" in keeping with the branding change, although it is entirely unclear how this linguistic decision was made given that "frankfurters" is already the plural of that type of sausage.