Win a Range Rover Velar and the house (and garage) to keep it in

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If you’re a fan of BBQ, country music and luxury SUVs, this giveaway is for you. Omaze is giving away not only a Range Rover Velar, but a 3,235-square-foot, four-bedroom/four-bath house in the city that’s known for keeping it weird, Austin, Texas. 

Win a Range Rover Velar and an Austin Dream House - Enter at Omaze

Here’s what we said about the Velar the last time we drove it:

“The vast majority of Velars will, of course, never get door handle deep in mud, which makes its on-road manners all the more crucial. Norway's speed limits are shockingly low (and exceeding them by more than 12 mph can land you in jail). So while I didn't push quite as hard as I might have in a more permissive environment, I briefly explored Velar's saucy side (again, for science). With 380 horsepower propelling 4,471 pounds, Velar is capable of reaching 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. The sensation of acceleration isn't remotely brutal or extreme, but rather a buttery waft of forward motion that's managed by a smooth transmission and a linear powerband. Perhaps it's the quiet cabin coupled with the refined engine sound, but the Velar simply doesn't hit you over the head with overly eager acceleration.


“The prevailing mood is regal, not rowdy, a quality you'll also find when it comes to cornering, where Velar exhibits enough body control and grip to keep it feeling connected, but not abusive to its occupants. Air suspension smoothens out most of the major road irregularities, which helps the chassis feel generally un-flummoxed during hard cornering. Though it can't stand up to the performance-focused Macan when it comes to outright handling, Velar manages to strike a favorable balance of ride quality and responsiveness, veering closer to the softer side.

“Go full tilt, and dynamic mode keeps the engine on alert and revs high, and there's also data such as a rolling graph of pedal effort and G-forces available. Want to control every driving parameter at once? The lower TFT screen can display steering, engine, gearbox, and other settings simultaneously, with easily switchable settings via virtual buttons.

“Supporting Velar's theme of elegantly simple capability is an information architecture that doesn't require so many sub-menus you'll be cursing the day analog gauges and controls went by the wayside. With two rotary dials serving as multifunction controls and another small dial acting as a volume/power switch, the system doesn't overly rely on the touchscreens, or having to dive deep into submenus to accomplish most tasks. While there is certainly something to be missed with the loss of easy-to-reach toggles, buttons and dials, the Velar's electronics interface makes a strong case for a brave digital future.

“Kill the Velar's engine, and its numerous TFT displays go from vibrant color to blank black slates, an eerie sensory shift that's akin to how an iPhone 7's haptic home button dulls to an unresponsive surface when it's been switched off. Yes, Velar relies on technology to engage its occupants, but, at least in the top trim level we tested, that bit of flash is backed by real world luxury and velvety driving dynamics. There's also those hard-to-ignore area of styling, where Velar stands apart thanks to its impeccable proportions and striking understatement. I can't speak for the more terrestrial gas and diesel versions, which start at around $50k, but my fully loaded tester inspired an emotion I rarely associate with sport utility vehicles: want.”

All you need to do in order to win the Velar? Enter this sweepstakes by Sept 23. 

As for the house part of the prize: Not a fan of Texas? Not a problem, there’s a cash option instead of $1.33 million that will more than allow you to purchase a dream home in whatever state you choose.

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