Wisconsin Police Chase Reckless U-Haul Driver

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Wisconsin Police Chase Reckless U-Haul Driver
Wisconsin Police Chase Reckless U-Haul Driver

The average person wouldn’t think there’s much of a connection between shoplifting and car theft, but the fact is the connection is actually quite strong. Organized crime these days not only traffics people and drugs, they have a hand in much of the car and retail theft around the country. That might be why this person in a U-Haul who reportedly was shoplifting at a store in Glendale, Wisconsin last week was so determined to get away.

This is why you don’t pull a gun on someone towing your car.

As reported by local station TMJ4, police at first responded to the retail theft report and saw the suspect climb into the U-Haul. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised to learn the truck was stolen. Officers probably thought chasing it would be easy since moving trucks are cumbersome, but the driver seemed to have some experience running from cops.

Upon getting on the interstate and running into slow traffic, the suspect didn’t skip a beat, using the emergency lane to keep the chase going. After all, when you’re sitting in stop-and-go traffic, police can easily come up and break the window, extracting you from the vehicle by force.


From there the U-Haul weaved through traffic, either bullying smaller cars into moving over and clearing a path or outright sideswiping some to push them out of the way. At one point the moving truck even glances off a dump truck, yet the driver keeps it from going out of control.

Whoever was behind the wheel either has some serious experience driving recklessly and ditching pursuing cops or is just plain lucky.

Eventually, all that crazy driving paid off and police called off the pursuit. So the driver got away. If they were dumb enough to rent it legitimately authorities might be able to track the suspect down. However, we think it’s more likely the U-Haul was stolen and used as a great option for loading up all kinds of stolen goodies from stores.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself.