Woman Busted For Massive Stanley Cup Heist

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Woman Busted For Massive Stanley Cup Heist
Woman Busted For Massive Stanley Cup Heist

Stanley cups, not the kind every hockey team wants but the giant sippy cups women are going nuts over lately, are such hot property that they’re the targets of thievery way too often. You might have seen the guy go behind the counter at a Target Starbucks and try walking off with an entire box of the highly coveted Valentines cups recently, only to get mobbed. As shocking as that was, the Great Stanley Cup Heist is even more astounding.

Aspiring stripper steals Kia for job interview.

Police in Roseville, California caught a Ford Mustang driver with her trunk and the passenger-side floorboard filled with Stanley cups allegedly stolen from a local store. If we didn’t have the photos from police, we’re not sure we’d believe someone was able to carry that many cups out of a retail establishment, but we guess she used a cart and it looks like it was loaded full.

Maybe she was getting behind on payments for her pony car or couldn’t afford the eyelash extensions and Sephora makeup anymore – we don’t know. What we do know is if you look closely at the interior shot of her vehicle, you’ll see she herself is an avid user of Stanley cups with one in the cupholder, no wrappings on it.


We don’t really know anything about Stanley cups since we’re car enthusiasts and find the whole trend rather silly, but isn’t the one in the cupholder a Valentines special edition like what that one guy was trying to steal?

Anyway, police say the suspect, a 23-year-old woman, was arrested for Grand Theft (of sippy cups). We think she should also be dubbed as the number one fan of Stanley cups. In total, police said she had 65 stolen Stanley products shoved in the Mustang with a retail value just shy of $2,500.

Images via City of Roseville, California Police Department