Woman Clings To Kia After Thieves Steal Her Dog

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Woman Clings To Kia After Thieves Steal Her Dog
Woman Clings To Kia After Thieves Steal Her Dog

A woman who was eating on a restaurant’s patio with her French bulldog one moment was clinging to the hood of a speeding Kia while screaming for help the next. It’s what some people have called another day in Los Angeles as theft and other crimes keep hitting law-abiding residents and even sometimes the criminals themselves.

Suspects took a whole zoo of animals along during a police chase.

In this case, a woman just walked up and took the dog, leash and all, walking away. The owner chased the thief back to the Kia and tried climbing inside to get her pooch back, but there were four people inside and they shoved her out. That’s when she screamed for help and stood in the way of the car.


Not shockingly, people willing to steal a dog are also totally okay with trying to run the owner down. The driver slammed into the victim, throwing her onto the Kia’s hood where they clung desperately as the vehicle sped down the street.

Through all this, nobody came to the woman’s aid, but we did get video of the ordeal. She eventually was thrown off the car as it went through a turn rapidly.

While some people think the description of the Kia will help with finding the dog thieves, we think it won’t. It’s likely stolen and was dumped, maybe in a body of water or set on fire after. Especially with all the attention this case is getting these people are going to be doing anything they can to cover their tracks.

It’s probably a good thing she didn’t get in the car or the thieves might have kidnapped her as well. But we understand this lady just wants her dog back. It’s a sad truth that thieves aren’t just stealing cars and cell phones, they’re also swiping dogs, especially expensive ones like French bulldogs.

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