Woman Kills Man In Bronx Road Rage Incident

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Woman Kills Man In Bronx Road Rage Incident
Woman Kills Man In Bronx Road Rage Incident

All of us at one point or another have been the target of a road rager, someone who decides we’re everything that’s wrong in the world. Whether you legitimately did something wrong or not, certain drivers are on some twisted crusade to punish those they think have wronged them. Unfortunately, in one of these common incidents it seems a woman in the Bronx decided to hit and kill a man riding on a scooter.

Kid playing with his GoPro accidentally solves a cold case.

As you can see in the footage captured by Devin LLN NYC, the mangled wreck of the scooter was left on the sidewalk with onlookers gawking in dismay. Shoes are scattered on the concrete and a wrought iron grate over a window has been bent from the impact.

In the background is a red Honda with heavy front-end damage, showing just how violent the impact was. The female driver had to have accelerated into her male victim, decimating him and the scooter he was on. What could another driver do to possibly warrant this kind of response?


It seems like a lot of people are driving, not to mention living, with a big chip on their shoulder these days. Everything is offense, everything is a threat against their life, they’re justified in using extreme force if they feel it’s necessary, etc. Something has to change.

This road rage incident, which happened on the afternoon of November 25, demonstrates the logical conclusion of out of control attitudes on public roads. People are being serious injured or even killed because of a perceived slight or someone believing another driver did something that put them in danger. It’s obviously not a logical response but it’s becoming all too common.