Woman Snaps And Turns The Tables On Carjackers

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Woman Snaps And Turns The Tables On Carjackers
Woman Snaps And Turns The Tables On Carjackers

Sometimes criminals push people so far they just snap. That’s what happened with a carjacking victim in metro Detroit after her aggressors demanded her keys and pistol whipped her. We’re not endorsing doing what she did, but we understand why she had enough.

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The story starts off with something we pretty much all do but absolutely shouldn’t: the woman stopped in a retail parking lot and sat in her car with the windows down. That’s a huge no-no because inside a parked car, especially with the windows down but even up, makes you a sitting duck.


Rachel Smiglewski told WXYZ-TV she was doing something on her phone while sitting in her boyfriend’s car in a Target parking lot when three teenagers, at least one armed with a gun, pulled up.

Being on your phone while sitting in your car means you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. It makes you even more of a target.

Taking advantage of her being distracted, one of the teens put a gun right in Smiglewski’s face as they demanded her wallet, phone, and keys. She feared for her life, and understandably so. Even if you hand over your stuff, there’s no guarantee robbers won’t still shoot you, especially if they fear you’ll identify them later.

But after one of the suspects pistol whipped her in the mouth and she started to bleed, Smiglewski had enough. She said she was tired of people pushing her around, something we think plenty of people can identify with, and she just snapped.

Making tons of noise, the would-be carjackers got scared at all the attention she was drawing. They ran away and she chased after them even though she was in flip-flops. By that time everyone was paying attention to the teen robbers, so when police arrived witnesses could direct them to their exact hiding spot.

Sometimes standing up to criminals works. They’re expecting you to cower and be compliant. But we can’t say a move like this won’t lead to dire consequences. Still, we can understand why Smiglewski had enough and turned the tables. We think a lot of people are fed up with rampant, largely unchecked crime.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed the video of the report. If you want to watch it for yourself, you can see it on YouTube.

Image via WXYZ-TV Detroit Channel 7/YouTube

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