The Wooden Shed Where Ken Tyrrell Built an F1 Empire Has Been Saved

patrick depailler, grand prix of sweden
Ken Tyrrell’s F1 History Preserved—in Wooden ShedBernard Cahier - Getty Images

Modern championship-winning F1 teams have over 1000 people and operate out of enormous facilities that look like something that would launch a spacecraft instead of a race car.

Over 60 years ago, Ken Tyrrell and a small handful of engineers built world-championship cars from the inside of a humble wooden shed. That shed was at risk of demolition recently, but the good people of Goodwood stepped in to save the day—and the shed.

“The shed stood in its original home in Okham Village, Surrey, for more than 70 years, but after a period of sensitive restoration, it has now been relocated to Hurricane Lawn at the Goodwood Motor Circuit after the estate was approached to save it from demolition,” read a statement from Goodwood Road & Racing.

patrick depailler, grand prix of sweden
The wooden shed.Goodwood

Restoration work was aimed at retaining as much of the shed as possible, down to the stickers on the walls, Goodwood sources said. When it was done, the building was relocated to the Goodwood Estate 40 miles away.