A world first: Premium book bound in autoclaved carbon fiber used in the R35 GT-R

Culture Entertainment Co. Ltd., Neko Publishing Division, established
in 1976, proudly unveils a groundbreaking publication by Kazutoshi Mizuno, the legendary automotive engineer celebrated as “Mr. GT-R” and “Father of the GT-R.”

This premium volume titled, The GT-R: My Philosophy and My Original Technologies offers an insider’s look into the creation of the R35 GT-R, revealing Mizuno’s visionary approach and engineering brilliance in crafting the ultimate supercar.

Readers will journey through the GT-R’s exceptional user experience, its unmatched ability to perform at 300km/h under everyday conditions, and the cutting-edge technologies that drive its unparalleled performance.


The book highlights the remarkable achievement of launching a world-class supercar without any advertising, showcasing Mizuno’s dual expertise as both chief engineer and project manager. Dive deep into the unique innovations that distinguish the R35 GT-R from its rivals, all told through the eyes of the mastermind himself.

Book Features

● Limited Edition: Only 3,500 copies of this premium first edition will be sold worldwide.

● Unique Serial Numbers: Each book will have a unique serial number inscribed inside.

● Handwritten Signature: Personally signed by Kazutoshi Mizuno.

● Premium Materials: The cover and spine are crafted from carbon fiber panels originally designed for the R35 GT-R’s center console.

● Special Packaging: Comes in a hard-paper case for added protection and presentation.

The book will be available for order in the USA, Europe, and other countries starting in May 2024, with deliveries expected by December 2024. Priced at $2,000, this collector’s item is expected to be highly sought after by GT-R enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike.

The GT-R: My Philosophy and My Original Technologies includes untold stories behind the development of the R35 GT-R. Mizuno shares his philosophy of Monozukuri (the art of craftsmanship), insights on customer perspectives, and the hidden technological marvels beneath the car’s surface. This book provides a unique look into why the R35 GT-R, despite having less horsepower and more weight than some competitors, excels in performance and safety.

Mizuno’s decision to share these insights now, over 15 years after the R35 GT-R’s market debut, marks a significant moment for automotive history. His book is poised to become a bible for GT-R users, enthusiasts, and engineers, filled with detailed accounts of the development process and the innovative technologies that make the GT-R a multi-performance supercar.

The carbon fiber panels for the book’s cover are manufactured by Challenge Co., Ltd., the same company that produces carbon fiber components for the R35 GT-R. The panels are baked at high pressure in an autoclave oven, ensuring a high-quality finish identical to the GT-R’s rear wing.

Kazutoshi Mizuno has a storied career, having overseen the development of
numerous high-performance vehicles, including the Skyline R34 GT-R, Infiniti G35, and 350Z. As the chief engineer and global project manager for the R35 GT-R, Mizuno brought his unique vision and advanced technologies to life, creating a car that has captivated the automotive world for over a decade.

Story originally appeared on Racer