‘World’s Largest’ Passenger EV Is 3,000 Pounds Lighter than GMC Hummer

Li Auto
Li Auto

With a name like "Mega," you expect a car to be big and the Li Auto Mega doesn't disappoint. In fact, Li Auto told Bloomberg that the Mega is the largest mass-produced electric vehicle on the market. And while that claim needs an asterisk (or three) there's no doubting its gargantuan size. And yet, despite that size, and ability to seat seven people in lounge-like comfort, it's still almost 3,000 pounds lighter than the Hummer EV.

Of course, the Hummer EV and Mega are two vastly different vehicles. The former is an electric off-roader with 1,000 horsepower and a 12,000-pound towing capacity. The latter is a people mover, with seven seats and the ability to turn its cabin into a lounge, movie theater, or even a bed. But even with its 6,139-pound curb weight, the Mega is still around one and a half tons lighter than the 9,063-pound Hummer EV.

Shocking weight difference aside, the Li Auto is an interesting car in its own right. It might look like an Apple Magic Mouse with an allergic reaction but that funky shape makes it absolutely cavernous inside. Its second row features two captain's chairs, both with their own wireless phone chargers, which can be folded down flat and combined with the third-row bench to make a bed big enough for two. The front seats can slide so far backward that front passengers can fully extend their legs, recline, and watch a movie on the massive infotainment screen, as long as the car is parked and there aren't rear passengers. It also has seat massagers and a refrigerator.

But the Mega isn't just a luxurious minivan. The embiggened Apple Mouse can get from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds and has an impressive 0.215 coefficient of drag. That low Cd is crucial in the Mega getting a claimed 441 miles of range, too. Two electric motors making 536 horsepower don't hurt, either.