What’s the Worst Car From the Year You Were Born?

A photo of a silver Ford Scorpio sedan.
A photo of a silver Ford Scorpio sedan.

Pretty damn ugly.

Everyone likes moaning about how modern cars suck compared to the vehicles you could buy back in the day. But is that really true? Or, is it the case that there were cars from back in your day that were garbage too?

So, today, we’re turning to you and asking for the worst cars that you could buy in the year of your birth. Whatever the year, there’s bound to be a few stinkers that were being peddled by the world’s automakers and happened to land in a bunch of unsuspecting buyers driveways. In a move that’ll probably spark outrage from commenters telling me that I’m far too young to know anything at all, let’s look back to 1994 and the year of my birth.

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It turns out it was quite the year for automotive blunders. We had the first Saab to be released under its new ownership of General Motors, the Opel Vectra-based Saab 900. Then, there’s the ridiculous Hummer H1, which might have launched in 1992 but it was still a disgrace to society in 1994 and even lasted all the way through until 2006. Gross.

For my pick, I’m going with the second-generation Ford Scorpio, which was sold by Ford in Europe between 1994 and 1998. It took the headlights, grille and door handles from the Crown Vic, which we didn’t get in the UK, and hashed them onto a body that they just didn’t vibe with. What’s more, you could order the Scorpio sedan, wagon or as a hearse, which is pretty bleak.

That’s my pick for 1994, what year are you opting for and which car are you picking as its worst offering? Head to the comment section below and let us know the worst cars from the year you were born. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders in a slideshow next week.

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