This Is Some Of The Worst Police Chase Driving We’ve Seen

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This Is Some Of The Worst Police Chase Driving We’ve Seen
This Is Some Of The Worst Police Chase Driving We’ve Seen

Many of the people who decide to run from police are not great drivers. We imagine they park over the line in the grocery store lot, have trouble staying in their lane, and can’t figure out roundabouts. But the suspect driving this black Dodge Charger in a chase with Michigan State Police is one of the worst drivers we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch some great police driving.

For some weird reason we don’t have the explanation for, someone left their Dodge Charger idling in front of a liquor store in Saginaw, Michigan. To the surprise of no thinking person, the Mopar was stolen.


As police in the area began looking for the car, a Michigan trooper happened to spot one matching the description. Getting behind the Charger, he confirmed it was in fact the stolen muscle car.

Following behind, the trooper waited for backup to arrive, then decided to just turn on his lights and pull the car over. That’s when the suspect got spooked, deciding to run for it and the chase was on.

The guy swerves around unnecessarily and while going through turns the back end of the Charger keeps getting squirrely. We know it’s winter but the roads look pretty dry. Plus, the trooper doesn’t seem to have any traction problems.

Then the suspect driver just doesn’t make one of the gradual turns in the road, veering right off onto some grass and flipping the car into a tree. There’s literally no reason for this awful driving, like someone who just pulls out of driveway without checking for oncoming traffic.

We think it’s great this guy pitted himself, bringing his police chase to a halt singlehandedly. It’s also interesting how so many times criminals flee from police, sometimes even shooting at them, but the moment they’re caught they turn into puppy dogs begging for help and gentleness.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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