Yenko Camaro To Roar Across The Block At Mecum Kissimmee

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Modern muscle cars are gonna be shaking when they see this car coming.

Yenko, a name known extremely well within the Chevrolet automobile company for a myriad of reasons, most prominently performance. Over the years they took some of the finest Camaro examples you could find and turn them into the fire breathing race cars with an unbridled passion for speed both on the track and the road. Spinning tires were this car's specialty and now they’re worth far more than anyone would’ve imagined in their prime, and for a good reason.

What are the biggest things that drive this particular vehicles extraordinary allure and modern car culture is the 427 cubic-inch V8 under the hood. Back in 1969, that engine was making 425 hp, unlike anything else you can find on the street and it’s day. Even today 425 hp and such a light car would put it light years ahead of most newer muscle cars that feature the naturally aspirated V8. With that in mind you can see how Janka made their name.

Another great feature that had the car going up against vehicles that everybody thought or unbeatable at the time is the four speed manual transmission. Much like the six speed manual transmission and now the eight speed automatic transmission, the four-speed manual became a stable of performance because of its absolutely deadly efficiency in the face of speed. Overall, Yenko built a car that they knew would destroy any competition that dared pull up next to it at a stoplight or racing line. If you are the kind of person who can truly handle the power of such a beast, then consider this bright green pony car for your nice automotive purchase.

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