Yes, You Can Do Burnouts in Dodge's New All-Wheel-Drive Chargers

2024 dodge charger daytona
Yes, You Can Do Burnouts In Dodge's New ChargersDodge

The next generation of Dodge Charger is all-wheel drive only, but the brand recognizes that customers may want to get up to tire-burning antics from time to time. That means that these cars needed bypasses to allow rear tires to be smoked, something Dodge has happily supplied with a series of different specialized drive modes for both electric and internal combustion Chargers.

All Charger Daytona EVs get line lock, which allows owners to pause torque to the front wheels while spinning their rear tires at a standstill. Scat Pack models also get two other ways to destroy rear tires; drift mode and donut mode. Donut mode simply sends power to the rear wheels to rotate around either of the car's front wheels. The drift mode is more complex, allowing drivers to select one of three levels of slip angle and utilizing torque to the front wheels to help maintain those levels. Front and rear dampers are also softened and stiffened, respectively, in drift mode.

On internal combustion models, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis says that power can be taken away from the front wheels completely. Dodge has no plans for a V-8 on the horizon, so all gas-powered tire burning will have to come with the brand's new Hurricane inline-6.


If you want to do a burnout in a new Charger this year, your only option is a two-door EV. Four-door models, cars powered by the inline-6, and a more powerful SRT-badged EV built on the brand's still-unannounced 800-volt architecture will follow in 2025.

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