Yet Another Tow Truck Company Has Been Accused Of Stealing Cars

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Yet Another Tow Truck Company Has Been Accused Of Stealing Cars
Yet Another Tow Truck Company Has Been Accused Of Stealing Cars

We’ve seen tow trucks used to steal vehicles from parking lots, the side of the road, and even private driveways. Sometimes criminals steal a tow truck or buy one used, then use it to pull off the nefarious crimes. But there are cases, like what’s been alleged recently in Milwaukee, of supposedly legitimate tow truck drivers stealing cars.

Watch a tow truck try taking an occupied vehicle in traffic.

Right now there are simply allegations that the Milwaukee towing company stole an SUV which had its catalytic converter and some other parts chopped off. That’s a little unusual since we usually see vehicles stolen this way either VIN swapped and sold whole or completely chopped and all of the parts sold on the black market.


The victim told TMJ4 News the tow truck damaged the transmission and quite a few other parts on his SUV, which he now has to repair. He’s understandably upset and wants answers as well as justice.

This isn’t just some accusation without evidence. The SUV was parked on the side of the road, not in violation of any laws, when the tow truck pulled up, scooped the vehicle, and took off. Everything was caught on a nearby business’ surveillance camera, otherwise exactly who stole the SUV and how would’ve remained a mystery.

What’s even more insulting is after figuring out which tow company took the vehicle, when contacted the company allegedly disclosed the neighborhood where the SUV was dropped and offered a $200 inconvenience fee.

There’s so much to unpack here. Why would a tow truck driver take a vehicle, then just drop it off on the side of the road in a random neighborhood? Why wouldn’t the company, if it made a mistake, proactively call the vehicle owner and offer to tow the SUV to that person’s house? And why offer a mere $200 when caught after the fact?

TMJ4 News did some investigating and found the towing company has quite a few similar complaints made against it. How it still operates and isn’t drowning in legal problems is the real mystery.

Image via TMJ4 News/YouTube