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New York fashionista Planet Drew says a rocking outfit is defined by a statement hero piece.

New Yorker Planet Drew has an iconic closet filled to the brim with vintage designer pieces and stunning basics. His advice to those looking to improve their style is to always rock a statement hero piece.

Video Transcript

- Hey, what's up? My name is Drew, and you're watching "In the Know's Coveted Closet."


I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. Being in New York kind of made me, like, learn, like, yo, it doesn't matter what that person's wearing or that person's wearing. You can have your own style. You can do you. Just gravitate towards the pieces or clothing that feels like you.


I would describe my style with accessorize, laid back, me. If I want, I can be Mr. Put It On, you know. I can, you know, do the whole nine yards. I can look super nice, but it doesn't always have to be like that.

A lot of my pieces, you would think, oh my God, he spent so much money on this. It either came from a thrift store somewhere at some random spot in the city, and I'm actually really happy that we're at a place where people are being more, you know, environmentally conscious about those types of things. You don't have to get something brand new, you know. You can probably find the exact same brand new item on Grailed or Depop.

I actually really love my TikTok community. I know for a fact that I inspire them. They're always commenting things like, oh, you know, how do you, you know, get into modeling. But they also inspire me as well. I feel like it's nice being able to look at other people's lives and learn from their lives.

So my biggest inspiration-- rest in peace to his soul-- Virgil Abloh. I feel like he was just so creative, and he didn't even go to school for fashion. He went to school for architecture, which was, like, crazy to me that he could turn architecture into fashion. And, you know, when Off White came around, it was like a whole different era. It was really inspiring to see a Black man who I looked up be able to do that.

So the outfit I'm wearing, Kangol Supreme collab. Found it on Grailed. Got a stupid deal on it. Had to get it. Telfar bag.

This is a Who Decides War sweater. White dress shirt underneath. Who Decides War pants. Honestly, my favorite brand. They're Black owned. The distressing is always on point. You know, I got my biker chain on me. It's the signature, the rings, and it comes together.


This is my Von Deezy. This is one of my favorite hats in my entire hat collection. Look at the colors, the contrast. It works well with so many outfits.

This right here is my infamous Kangol. It's a classic hat. Like, can you ever go wrong with a Kangol. It's great for color coordinating outfits.

These right here are some of my favorite jeans that I own. Who Decides War, they're geniuses. Like, look at this. Like, what?

This is actually a Levi's jacket. I was blessed enough to be invited to an event, and at the event, they were giving these out for free. And I actually always wear this jacket with these pants. Just goes together great.

This is my baby Keisha. You know, it was love at first sight. I met her on 23rd Street. Just look at it. Like, there's the tassels, the design. It's like one of those pieces that you rarely stumble upon, and, you know, you just got to have it.

Some people don't say that this is a piece of clothing, but it's definitely an accessory. These are my AirPod Maxes. You can wear them with, like, any outfit, you know, adds a little something. I mean, they're also great for listening to music as well but great piece to add to the wardrobe.

These bad boys right here, these are my Rick Owens. Some might look at them and say you have the exact same shoe, but they're very different. They go with so many different outfits. Just a great shoe to have honestly.

Last but not least, these are my favorite boots I have ever owned. So I went to the Prada store, and I spent way too much money. But I saw them. Love at first sight just like the jacket and I just had to have them.


Growing up my sister used to tell me, oh, you know, you're dressing like that. You wanna be like them. But I feel like what really made me, like, I guess feel the most like me was, like, not trying to look like the next person. Like, have something that's true to you.

I've been wearing a biker chain on every pair of pants I've worn for about five years. Don't try too hard to look or be like anybody else. Be you.

I usually choose the first piece of my outfit by the one, like, hero piece. If you have that one piece, you can bring the whole outfit together without having to even try too hard.

One piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe, a dope leather jacket because you can literally throw on anything and, like, the outfits just put together 10 times better and, like, you don't have to think too hard about anything else you're wearing. Like, you know, shoes, who cares? Look at the leather jacket.

Everyone needs good basics like plain t-shirts because if you have that hero piece, a plain t-shirt, it'll always work. If I'm being 100%, no one's really looking at that plain t-shirt too much 'cause your jacket's doing the do or your jeans or whatever other piece you got.

It's important for me to remember that every day is not a fashion show. When you think too hard into your outfits, it can be tiresome. Some days you just wanna be comfortable, and, you know, feeling comfortable means feeling nice.

How I would best describe my style, its laid back. I would say it's not thought about. Right now, granted, you know, you see me wearing all these things. He has headphones on, glasses, hat, but really the basis of this outfit is a pair of baggy pants and a t-shirt.

If I could say one thing to anybody who is afraid to be themselves, this is actually a quote that my dad used to tell me all the time, you know. You worried about that person, worried about this person, but these people don't pay your bills.