New York Jeweler Has Enviable Car Collection

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Leon Glore’s star is rising quickly and his garage is expanding, too…

When you have a lot of money and generally live a glamorous lifestyle, driving a Hyundai Elantra is definitely not in the cards. That’s why it’s not surprising to see Leon Glore of Glore Jewelry flash plenty of impressive rides on his social media accounts. The man has flamboyant taste in watches, rings, and other trinkets, which absolutely carries over into his automotive selections.

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Not shockingly, Glore loves luxurious cars, including European exotics. That’s clearly demonstrated in his collection. Most featured in his social media feeds is the interior of his Ferrari 488 Spider, specifically the steering wheel as he models some of the latest watches he’s created.

Like so many affluent yet family-oriented people these days, Glore has added a Lamborghini Urus to his garage. The Italian-German SUV has a practical nature to it, but is still decidedly exotic, a balance which has made it wildly popular.


A Rolls-Royce Ghost also haunts Glore’s car collection, which we’re sure is loaded with some very specific bespoke details. After all, the ultra-luxury British automaker will craft everything from custom timepieces to absolutely unique color combinations to suit the tastes of its customers. His features a two-tone black and white exterior plus an interior with red leather and piano black trim, which is a great combination.

Reportedly, Glore is looking to add a Lamborghini Aventador SV to his collection, a selection we highly approve of, considering it does 0-62 in just 2.8 seconds and can hit 217 mph. We’re sure the man will be adding other tasteful vehicles to his garage as his fame broadens.

Plus, Leo Glore is quickly becoming more of a household name, thanks in no small part to his recent appearance on the Bravo TV show Below Deck Mediterranean. Apparently, his performance on the show made him an audience favorite and he’ll be back to charm everyone again.

Source: LA Weekly

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