Young Sheldon’s Raegan Revord Reveals Scary Experience That Made The Latest Episode ‘Incredibly Challenging’ To Film

 Missy on Young Sheldon on CBS
Missy on Young Sheldon on CBS

Raegan Revord has been giving Young Sheldon fans a peek behind the curtain of the CBS series lately and letting them in on both the fun and the hard times she's had filming the sitcom. Ahead of a new episode, she had a heavier update when she revealed a traumatic real-life event that made the filming much more challenging than usual.

While the events of Young Sheldon can be more about the laughs than the drama, Raegan Revord confessed on her Instagram that she had a very difficult time filming the episode that airs on March 30, called "A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam." Revord had a bad car accident not long before filming, and the episode triggered the trauma from the experience in various ways:

It sounds like Raegan Revord went through a lot to fulfill her role as Missy for this Young Sheldon episode, but she managed to come out of it well enough. Revord credited that in no small part to the cast and crew of the show, who made her feel safe and at ease despite the continued stress of filming scenes in a vehicle. Car accidents can be scary, so I don't blame her in the slightest for being shaken up.


"A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam" does indeed put Missy behind the wheel, as the Young Sheldon character steals her dad's truck and hits the road with her best friend. The timing is unfortunate that this of all episodes is the one she had to film after her accident, but credit to her for sticking it out for one of Missy's most rebellious acts yet.

Young Sheldon Season 6 has been interesting so far, as the characters all head in different directions that truly show they're all growing up. Georgie is trying to be a responsible father and build a life for his child with Mandy. Sheldon is meanwhile spending the season constructing a database and battling the university every step of the way.

Between all that's happening with the two boys, it's understandable that Missy might be hitting more of a rebellious streak. It's also worth noting that Missy has a bit of an inkling that her dad George Sr. is carrying on with the neighbor, so that's probably weighing on her as well. She's definitely dealing with a lot this season, along with just about every character. This show has really leaned more into the drama in Season 6 but still manages to have a good deal of funny moments.

Young Sheldon airs new episodes on CBS on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. There's still a decent chunk of the season left, so anyone behind can catch up with their Paramount+ subscription and be ready for the season finale in May.