Young Wyoming Police Officer Restores ’57 Chevy Cruiser

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Who says Gen Z doesn’t like the classics?

It’s always great to see more members of the rising generation get involved in the classic car hobby, like Dood Jaussaud of Thermopolis Police in Wyoming. The 22-year-old had a vision to restore a 1957 Chevy Bel Air four-door into a fully functional police cruiser, a goal he recently achieved after three years of hard work. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

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The journey didn’t go how Jaussaud had planned, something most of us have experienced. He started off with one ’57 Bel Air he tracked down in Columbus, Montana. While looking for parts to restore the classic, he ran into a guy in Douglas, Wyoming who supposedly had some parts for sale. Instead, the young police officer learned this man had two 1957 Chevy Bel Airs sitting in his garage and in fantastic condition.

Selling his original Chevy, Jaussaud was able to move forward with transforming one into a classic police cruiser. The vehicle itself was essentially all factory original, including the 283 small block engine with 4bbl carb, two-speed Powerglide, Posi-Track, power steering, brakes, and all the chrome.

From there, the transformation into a police cruiser involved installing a classic siren, gumdrop light, radio, and all the graphics. About the door badges, pinstriping, and other body art, all of that was painted by hand. Jaussaud found a pinstriper in Colorado who used to work as an artist for Disney to add some extra flair. She even put in little details like cartoon cops chasing robbers and donuts, making this Bel Air truly unique.

Officer Jaussaud dreams of the ’57 Chevy becoming his personal patrol car. When asked by a local reporter, Sgt. Mike Mascaro of the Thermopolis Police Department said the decision will have to be made by town’s mayor, council members, and chief of police. Regardless, Jaussaud has a fine vehicle which is turning plenty of heads.

Source: Cowboy State Daily

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