YouTube Video Prompts EPA Outrage

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And now the truck’s owner is paying the price….

Recently, the EPA has been up pretty much everybody's behind in the car community for our tendency to have a little fun with our cars and trucks. Despite a growing gas crisis and shortages of supplies, the government somehow thinks that it is appropriate for them to further regulate diesel engines. One particular YouTuber and car enthusiast, Rich Rebuilds, got into trouble after discovering a rust-free classic diesel work truck stashed away with his team. Apparently, the EPA took notice of the side-piped coal roller and told him that he couldn't have any vehicle blowing out black smoke. So the channel decided to take matters into its own hands with a little bit of modification.


First up was the refinishing of the bed, which was more of a side project than a requirement, but it still produced some excellent results. They were initially going to use the tried and true formula of sand, stain, and seal but quickly found issues when examining the frame. As a result, the bed was permanently welded onto the frame with the wood trapped between quarter-inch-thick steel panels. After making a quick trip to Home Depot, the guys decided to take the easy route and just fix the visible layer of wood.

Finally, it was time to address some concerns posed by the EPA, which mainly dealt with the pipe that pointed to the truck's side. To fix this issue, the builder used two 90-degree tubes to route the exhaust upward behind the car's cab. Clearly, the EPA would rather have exhaust blowing into the sky rather than on the side of the road. When all was said and done, the team also made baffles and a valve for the tip, which significantly reduced their black smoke problem. Hopefully, the EPA will finally learn to take a chill pill and start focusing on their own gas-related issues.

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