YouTuber in Bugatti Chiron Hits Ladder on Autobahn During Gumball 3000 Rally

bugatti chiron hits ladder on autobahn
YouTuber in Bugatti Chiron Hits Ladder on AutobahnOmid Mouazzen - Hypercars & Lifestyle - YouTube

The driver of a Bugatti Chiron found himself in need of a new bumper after driving into a ladder lying in the middle of a German highway at high speeds.

German language YouTuber Omid Mouazzen published a video earlier this week covering his participation in the Gumball 3000, a road rally where wealthy individuals drive across a continent with supercars covered in brash stickers. While on the German Autobahn, Mouazzen collided with the ladder and wedged it between the road and his Chiron's bumper.

There's no footage of the collision, but we do get to see the ladder get slowly unwedged and ripped from underneath the Bugatti's splitter area. It's painful to watch, and while the damage seems mostly superficial, we bet it won't be cheap to fix.


A big reason Germany's Autobahn system of speed-limitless highways can exist is thanks to the safety of the roadways. Drivers in Germany require more training versus the U.S. to get their licenses, resulting in safer roads thanks to more rule-followers. Someone apparently decided not to follow the rules and didn't secure their ladder correctly to their car, resulting in this unfortunate incident. We're just happy no one got hurt.

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