YouTuber Finds Out Repairing A Rolls-Royce Isn’t Cheap

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YouTuber Finds Out Repairing A Rolls-Royce Isn’t Cheap
YouTuber Finds Out Repairing A Rolls-Royce Isn’t Cheap

Some things are just so obvious everyone doesn’t seem to think it’s necessary to say them out loud. One of those is that a crashed Rolls-Royce would be really expensive to fix. But a car YouTuber for some reason didn’t realize that, buying professional soccer player Marcus Rashford’s wrecked Wraith Mansory before finding out he was in way over his head.

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We get it: faced with the possibility of owning a car that’s otherwise well out of one’s financial reach, a person might do something completely stupid just to have a taste of that brass ring. Maybe you’re overextended yourself on a vehicle before – it’s a common mistake.

Image via Mat Armstrong/YouTube
Image via Mat Armstrong/YouTube

Rashford bought the Wraith for £700,000 but in its crashed state the thing is worth far less. But that doesn’t mean the cost of replacement parts have also magically deflated. The guy’s dad even laughs about his son’s questionable purchase.


Before you feel sorry for this YouTuber, realize he’s making a whole series of videos about fixing this Rolls. Then he’s going to make videos show it off all fixed up. Then he’ll make a video about selling it. Each one will get millions of views, which means big money for him. Plus he’ll make money on the sale.

Ultimately, even though the guy screwed up big time and exposed his naivety to the world, this is the kind of stuff a lot of people love to see on YouTube. They can laugh at his expense and feel smug knowing they would never do something so stupid.

Or would they?

Two of his videos about the Wraith have racked up millions of views. People eat this kind of drama up.

Images via Mat Armstrong/YouTube