Youtuber Jailed On Piracy Charges Has 57-Vehicle Collection Auctioned Off By Feds

Screenshot: Apple Towing/U.S. Marshalls
Screenshot: Apple Towing/U.S. Marshalls

A once popular Youtuber who was known for buying a bunch of cars and showcasing them on his channel has had those cars seized and they’re now being sold off. Road & Track reports Omi In A Hellcat’s entire 57 vehicle collection is up for auction. If you have deep enough pockets you can score a deal on some exotic stuff.

Bill Omar Carrasquillo, better known by his Youtube name Omi In A Hellcat, was once a popular Youtube personality with over 818,000 subscribers. His claim to fame was showcasing his wealth, mainly his cars which his videos would show him driving or purchasing. Many of the vehicles in the auction have videos on them about how they were purchased or what modifications he did to them.

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Other stuff shows off how lavishly and often dumb he lived with his money. Like a Lamborghini Aventador with a Power Ranger wrap. The man loved Dodge Hellcat models the most though, if you couldn’t figure that out by his username.

Image: Apple Towing/ U.S. Marshalls
Image: Apple Towing/ U.S. Marshalls

But does anyone need two Dodge Challenger Hellcats, One Charger Hellcat, a Durango SRT, and two Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawks? Many of these things were either the same model year or just a year a part.

If you want to bid on one of these vehicles, online bidding opened on September 29. The live auction is set to start October 13 at 11 a.m. eastern. Along with the auction comes a word of warning from the feds: All these cars are being sold as is and any information on them is believed to be correct. Seeing as these vehicles belonged to a Youtuber who was engaging in some serious criminal activity, I’d have these cars thoroughly checked out before taking one out to a Cars and Coffee.

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