YouTuber Runs Over Pedestrian While Livestreaming

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YouTuber Runs Over Pedestrian While Livestreaming
YouTuber Runs Over Pedestrian While Livestreaming

A YouTuber with the channel name Vegan Patriot apparently ran over a pedestrian while livestreaming. Like so many other social media influencers, she likes doing car videos where she talks to the camera while she’s behind the wheel, livestreaming to people who apparently find her entertaining. Yes, we are truly living in Idiocracy today.

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We can’t quite tell how the woman was keeping the phone pointed at her, but we do know California has a law about holding phones and such while driving. Maybe a new law should be passed about livestreaming while driving. This can’t be the only case of it possibly distracting a driver, who in turn causes an accident.


On top of that, allegedly Vegan Patriot was smoking pot before she got into her car and allegedly hit a pedestrian. There’s jus so much to unpack here.

What really gets us is this woman not only livestreamed and hit a pedestrian but she kept streaming afterwards. We’re not attorneys, to be upfront, but we’re pretty sure admitting you didn’t see a pedestrian and apologizing profusely would be possibly incriminating in an investigation.

Attorneys we have know say never admit fault after a crash, that includes apologizing. They in fact have told us to shut up and say as little as possible. But this woman instead broadcasts all that to however many people were watching live.

And now the footage has been shared by many other YouTube channels. Some are just laughing at her while others say this is a clear sign that live streaming has gone way too far. We’d take it a step further and say influencers are far beyond annoying, possibly crossing into public menace territory depending on the individual.

Since this took place in Los Angeles, Vegan Patriot later on a stream claimed she wasn’t even ticketed for the incident. Considering a guy not too long ago ran down a mom and her baby in a stroller, then got sent what was essentially a day camp as punishment, this just doesn’t surprise us.

Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube