A YouTuber's 1,000 HP BMW M3 Was Stolen, And A Bank Might Be To Blame

Image: Kies Motorsports YouTube
Image: Kies Motorsports YouTube

There’s no pain quite like spending years working on a project car — pouring in blood, sweat, tears, and effort — only to have it stolen. That’s what Youtuber Kies Motorsports is going through after having its BMW M3 stolen. Worse yet, a bank’s negligence might bear some of the blame in the situation.

In a video posted to YouTube, Kies Motorsports CEO Bryan Kiefer gave a brief rundown on the whole situation. Kies has spent the last five years building out an F80 BMW M3. Kiefer says over $175,000 has been invested in the car over the years. The result is a 1,000-hp monster of an M3. For whatever reason, recently Kies and Kiefer decided that it was time to sell the M3, so it was listed for sale online.

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Kiefer contacted Clay to request a return of the car by 4 PM that day; it was a generous move giving the buyer benefit of the doubt while also requesting the theoretically unsold car return to the seller.

But the 4 PM deadline came and went, and Clay was a no-show. At that point, Kiefer got law enforcement involved. The police contacted Clay and convinced him to leave the car at a random location in New Jersey where they’d come pick it up. Kiefer says he was trying to give him an out before things got worse. Clay agreed to meet at 5 p.m. off a random exit on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Kiefer and law enforcement searched the area for over three hours and found no evidence of Clay. After a random text from a companion of Clay’s saying that this person was driving the car back up to New Jersey, Kiefer and officers now have no idea where the M3 is.

Kiefer says they’ve been “fed lie after lie.” In the aftermath, Kiefer and police learned that Clay isn’t the buyer’s real last name, it’s Pascal. Now, they’re asking for the public’s help with any information on locating the car. If anyone knows or has seen anything regarding the M3, or Clay (Pascal), they should email Kies at

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