Zac Efron Restores 1965 Mustang As A Tribute To His Grandfather

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The story of this actor's tribute to his grandfather will bring tears to your eyes.

When it comes to cool car collections some of the most valuable and recognizable lies in the hands of celebrities, from Vin Diesel’s long list of Dodge Chargers to Lady Gaga’s 1993 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. However, none carry as much emotional value as this 1965 Ford Mustang owned by the infamous Zac Efron.

This classic Mustang once belonged to Efron’s Grandfather. He held so much respect for the man that he decided to buy his grandfather's prized automobile and after 2 years of restoration this “beast”, as he calls it, is finally ready. This body of the car features a glistening grey exterior, leather seats, and tying the whole look together a set of shiny silver rims.

All of that combined creates one sweet tribute to dear old Grandad. The star can often be found driving the “Beast” around Los Angeles and is usually heavily photographed in his most treasured vehicle. This American muscle car already has quite an extensive back story on its own, originally released as Ford's signature performance vehicle, a little bit of sport, and a little bit of muscle.

The history of the Mustang is one of high performance for low cost and that continues to be the case for the newer models. Even as the price of its competition is on the rise the Mustang continues to be an affordable high-performance option anyone can enjoy. Although the true value of Efron’s Mustang is not that of dollars and cents but rather memories and experience. What makes a car truly special is not how much it costs or even how cool it looks, but the experiences you have in it and it’s nice to see someone who understands that so well.


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