New Zealand Drug Dealer’s Car Collection To Be Sold

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He had some interesting rides…

Some people seem to think dealing drugs is a great way to get rich quickly, but we’ve seen time and again what eventually happens to their assets. That’s right, yet another former drug dealer’s car collection, along with his house and other property, will be sold to the public. In the case of the vehicles, authorities in New Zealand claim they must be sold to cover the $19,710 in annual storage fees.

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Here’s the story from New Zealand publication Stuff: Laki Sulusi was a meth dealer and gang member who died three years ago. Since then, police have tracked down his assets, many of which were hidden under other people’s names, and seized them. That includes a car collection valued at $125,000. Sorry to disappoint you with zero exotic supercars, but at least he doesn’t have a Pontiac Aztek in the mix.

The most expensive and arguably most desirable vehicle in the collection is a 1963 Ford Galaxie convertible authorities claim is worth $50,000 NZD. Next up is a 1956 Ford F100 and a Ford Jailbar that apparently nobody knows the model year for. Sulusi also had a 2009 Chrysler 300C, one of the most gangster cars of the modern age, which just seems so very appropriate.

He also had a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that apparently won’t be part of the sale. A few other cars are also being retained by authorities for now, including a 2004 BMW 530, 2010 BMW 258, and 1957 Ford Customline.

We know everyone has a different take on asset seizures and sales. Some feel all of them are legalized robbery, others laugh every time it’s reported, and others seem to take them on a case by case basis.

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