1982 Camaro Pace Car Had One Owner Until 2022

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The Chevrolet Camaro has always been emblematic of power, style, and American automotive history. The 1982 Indy Pace Car version of the Camaro, in particular, encapsulates a unique moment in motoring history, marking its significance on the racetrack and on the open road.

This model has an intriguing backstory. Up until just a year ago, it had only one proud owner, preserving its authenticity and charm. The current custodian acquired this gem, ensuring its legacy remains intact for future generations of car enthusiasts.

A highlight that attests to its authenticity is the complete set of original books and records that accompany the car. Remarkably, even the window sticker, often lost to time or carelessness, is still present. This is more than just a vehicle; it's a time capsule. The Camaro was initially ordered from a Florida dealer, fully loaded with every available option of that era, making it a bespoke masterpiece.


The car boasts several features that were groundbreaking at the time and remain desirable today. The T-Tops, a signature design element of the Camaros of yesteryears, are present, enhancing the car's sporty look. It also features the then-innovative Crossfire injection system, ensuring optimal performance.

For those who value convenience and comfort, this Camaro doesn't disappoint. Power windows and door locks, a tilt wheel for adjustable driving comfort, and an AM/FM stereo system for cruising tunes are all part of the package. And while many vintage cars might challenge their drivers with iffy air conditioning, this Camaro's A/C still runs as cold as a winter's day, ensuring comfort on even the hottest summer afternoons.

Lastly, ensuring both safety and style, it rides on four brand-new BF Goodrich Radial TA tires, renowned for their performance and aesthetics.

In conclusion, this 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Indy Pace Car isn't just a vehicle—it's a testament to an era, preserved beautifully for the next discerning collector or enthusiast. With its rich history, comprehensive records, and top-of-the-line features, it's a perfect blend of the past's allure and the present's functionality.

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