Toyota Customer Gives Us An Update On The Dealership Tracking Device

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Toyota Customer Gives Us An Update On The Dealership Tracking Device
Toyota Customer Gives Us An Update On The Dealership Tracking Device

If you didn’t catch it before, we covered a Toyota customer and YouTuber who found a tracking device hidden away in his Corolla GR recently. That tracker, which he had no idea was there and isn’t a factory option, was piggybacked on his OBD II port. Now he’s providing an update after talking to the dealership about what many consider an invasion of privacy.

Here’s the original story about this hidden GPS tracker.

In his update video, YouTuber Anthony Do right up front announces he’s consulted with his attorney on the matter, so it’s possible this case could be headed to court one day. That’s why he’s not naming the dealership or anyone he talked to there about the tracking device.


According to Do, he spoke with someone “in a higher position” at the unnamed dealership. That person claimed the dealership doesn’t install GPS trackers and played dumb. But when Do presented the tracking device, the guy changed his story, claiming they were installed to track vehicles in stock in case they’re stolen.

But that story doesn’t add up. Do was there at the dealership when the Toyota Corolla GR came off the transport truck. So why did they install the GPS tracker?

That leaves only a few possible explanations and none of them are good or innocent. That might be why this case finally goes to court. If it scares other dealers from doing similar things, we think most people would chalk this up as a big win.

Originally, Do became suspicious something might be going on after his Toyota, which had sat undriven for about three weeks, wouldn’t start. Being a brand new car it’s unusual to have a power drain like that. But a GPS tracker that’s always pinging the location could do such a thing.

His original video went super viral, probably because people are more attuned to privacy invasions by companies these days. Dealerships would be wise to realize this and conduct business accordingly.

Image via Anthony Do/YouTube

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