2024 Chevrolet Trax Interior Review: An appliance, but one you'll like

2024 Chevrolet Trax Interior Review: An appliance, but one you'll like

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The 2024 Chevrolet Trax is a cheap car with an interior that partially feels its price. I say partially because the tech inside the Trax and the sheer amount of space it offers genuinely punch above its weight. It’s most of the things you touch that make it come off as the low-to-mid $20,000 car that it is.

My particular tester is the 2RS with a final price of $26,685, which, frankly isn’t too far off the base LS trim's $22,590 starting price. There aren’t many new cars cheaper than the Trax on sale today, and if it is cheaper, there’s a good chance that it’s also smaller. So, where are the compromises? One of them is armrest construction. Chevy uses some brutally hard and uncomfortable plastic for the door armrests of the Trax, no matter the trim – its pricier Buick Envista twin fixes this. And while the center armrest is rubberized, it’s nearly as hard and uncomfortable as the door armrests are. Would it have really killed GM to put some padding down? I’d argue it’s worth however much the MSRP needs to go up to do so, as I’d be DIYing a solution to this elbow catastrophe if I owned a Trax.

But to take a step back, if complaining about the armrests is the worst part of this interior, maybe Chevy is doing an alright job at screwing together a cheap car. The 2RS model seen in the photos here injects a necessary dose of personality in the form of red accents throughout the interior. Specifically, the red stitching, stripe and logo on the seats give a small sense of occasion when hopping in. Plus, those Camaro-like air vents with red-lined outer rims look rather sporty, too.

What I could do without is all the piano black plastic used in places it really shouldn’t be. The gear lever surround will be scratched to hell in no time, and the same goes for the steering wheel surround. The perforated leather used for most of the wheel is great, so it’s a bit of a shame to see a section of plastic at the bottom where people will surely rest their hands and mar the finish.


Chevy smartly integrates a pair of bright and prominent screens as the interior’s centerpiece. The central 11-inch touchscreen (the base model has a smaller 8-inch version) infotainment system is angled toward the driver, and the wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto tech works flawlessly. You’ll definitely want to use smartphone connectivity here, as the native interface is barebones compared to other GM infotainments.